Hemlock in Pink

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Grainline Hemlock Tee
We are so close to spring I can hardly stand it. I prematurely sewed up this pink tissue-knit top in preparation for warmer weather. I think that's basically all I've been wanting to sew lately, anything that prepares me for warmer weather. I'm not talking about summer days, I just want temperatures to be above 40, it's not like I'm asking for the moon here. 

Oh this simple, yet oh so flattering Hemlock Tee from Grainline Studio. The bonus is that it's free, but I'd totally pay for this pattern.
Grainline Hemlock tee
I made a few quasi serious changes to this pattern:
  • took off two inches from the hem
  • sliced an inch chunk from the middle of the pattern to decease width on both front and back pattern pieces
  • added a curve hemline
  • finished the sleeves with bands
I fuggin love this top. I have another one planned, but I can't decide if I want to drop the neckline a bit. I really like Andrea's versions here, but definitely need to take off two more inches from the hem. It's too long and almost tunic length on me.

Also, I can't decide if I want to add the width back to the pattern. It's pretty loosey goosey now, but I think it looks like a t-shirt more than a boxy top look I wanted.

I got this pink fabric from fabric.com. It's the babiest pink tissue knit with flecks of black. I don't have this color ANYWHERE in my wardrobe and thought it'd be a nice break in color. I did a straight stitch on the hem (I know, I was just asking for a wavy hemline), which turned out like I thought, riddled with ripples. The hem twisted and turned after pulling it out from the dryer. It gave the shirt a nice worn-in look.

I would definitely recommend this easy knit top. Lot's of those made around here. To be fair, these are the things I wear on the reg. Someday I'll spend my time sewing dresses and tailored blazers, until then, I'll be whipping up projects made for Sunday brunches and casual dinner dates.

What's your go-to outfit for Sunday brunch? 


  1. Your top looks great! I have been looking at this pattern for quite some time now, but as far as I understand it is offered in one size only. You said that you removed an inch from the middle of the pattern. How did you do that? I mean, you didn't just cut out a one-inch stripe from the middle, did you? I'm sorry if it's a stupid question, I'm kind of new to sewing :)
    I also wanted to ask what your bust measurement is, but then thought it was probably a creepy question :D

    1. Hello! Asking about my bust is not a creepy question at all. My full bust is 33" and my upper bust is 30". So for the hemlock pattern adjustment, I drew a line from the middle of the shoulder seam down to the hem and cut it all the way down. Then I overlapped the pieces so that one inch was removed from the pattern piece. I don't know if it's the correct way to adjust the size, but the pattern is simple so I wasn't worried about moving darts around. Let me know if that makes sense. I can send you a picture if that helps.