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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Grainline Scout Woven Dress

This little number here is a modified Scout pattern. I shamefully ripped off of Jens' - the brainchild of Grainline Studios - tunic version she made a while back. I loved her variation so much that when I found fabric (rayon, my favorite of all fabrics) that looked similar to hers I snatched it up knowing exactly the crime/compliment I would commit. Don't judge me.

Grainline Scout Woven Dress

I used this tutorial for the sleeves that Jen made. I liked the look of long sleeves, but  this dress is meant for spring, early summer, and fall so I thought longer short sleeves would make a better balance for those seasons. 

The only other changes I made to the pattern was adding 9" to the hem and tapering out two sizes at the hips  to give myself a little more wiggle room and dropped the neckline by an inch. I left the subtle hi-lo hem for extra bun coverage.

Let me just say that I LOVE this dress. Obviously the weightless rayon gives this dress a wonderful drape with zero clinginess to the body. The dress just swings around me when I walk. Or dance....

Grainline Studio Scout dress
Grainline Studio Scout Dress
Grainline Scout Woven Dress

 I got the fabric from during a serious bender during Christmas so I'm still trying to get through my off-grain stash. Most of the fabric I buy from there is fine. Sometimes I think it's like buying clothes from Target; the kind of clothing you know will fall apart. But sometimes you can get some nice stuff like my sweater fleece for the Lola dress that just feels and looks luxurious (or as luxurious as sweater fleece can get).

This stuff, however, is like a total Monet. One side totally matched up at the side seams, but the other side...woof. It looks like textile balls. Luckily the print is busy enough that it hides my mismatching side seams.

Grainline Studio Scout Dress
Grainline scout dress

I could wear this dress everyday. It's so comfortable and pretty. So thank you Grainline Studio for the Scout pattern. I might call this variation the Eagle pattern because dang, this pattern just took a step up in my book.

These are my first outside pictures for the blog this year! I couldn't believe that I didn't even have to wear tights. Taking pics outside is much more fun than trying to find a sunny spot (or clean spot) in the house.

How's your springtime sewing coming along? 

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