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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Victory Patterns Lola
This dress is my dream dress. I could wear grey sweater EVERYDAY. Victory Patterns, thank you for allowing a fleece blanket to become an acceptable form of casual day wear. Is that sad? Am I really admitting that wearing sweater fleece outside of my home is what I want to wear in life? Victory Pattern's Lola dress is off the chain, though.

Victory Patterns Lola

And yes, I will inundate this post with the same, but slightly different photos of me in this dress because sometimes you want to run around the track, trophy in tow (or dress on, as it were), embracing that moment for as long as possible. Victory.

This pattern is classified as intermediate, but I would say that's because the beginner would lose patience cutting out ALL of the pieces. Srsly.  I think it goes up to L. L! Putting the dress together isn't inherently difficult, just time consuming. Like, I spent almost five hours on Monday sewing this guy up. To be fair, I'm a wiener and basted each step before hitting up the serger. Also, that triangle. If you and your serger are just acquaintances and not pals, then I would suggest cutting a few triangles out just in case. My machine gobbled up three like they were after school snacks.

I've also gotten in the habit of laboriously labeling each piece of fabric as I cut with blue tape to avoid any confusion about which piece is which. This also helps me identify the right or wrong sides of fabric during construction if need be.  Is this normal? Do other seamstri partake in labeling with tape?

I'll definitely use this farbic again, purchased here, but unfortunately they're out of grey. The fabric was so dense I felt like I was cutting through a slab of juicy steak. And sewing through all of those layers, whew, it got real for a few minutes while attaching the bottom band around the skirt pockets.  

And speaking of pockets, those things are huge. They basically wrap all the way around me. #bestpocketdesign

Victory Patterns Lola
The only changes I made to this dress were using sweater fleece instead of ribbing and taking off 4 1/2 inches from the hem. The first two inches were cut off the pattern, then I removed the rest after trying it on. Listen, I'm 5 foot nothing and it doesn't take much fabric to take an outfit  from super cute to marmish. This dress is too cute to swallow my legs! 

I will definitely be making this again. Proooobably in navy blue or this pretty rose color sweater fleece. I really want to make a sweater out of the top half. Just lengthen the pattern pieces, right? Those princess seams are what make this dress extra flattering. Everyone needs this dress in their wardrobe. What are you guys sewing up during our last (hopefully) bits of winter? Or have you tried this amazing dress pattern yet?

I'll leave you with a pic of my dog being over this photo shoot.

Victory Patterns Lola


  1. I love this dress and I really love your idea of using painter's tape to identify the pieces. I plan to cut out my Lola fabric next week and will have to use that tip.

  2. Thank you! I hope you love this pattern too. Seriously, if there's more than four pieces I have to use tape otherwise it's a second or third guessing nightmare. Can't wait to see your Lola.