McCall's 8337

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mccall's 8337
This chambray shift was supposed to be my spring/summertime go to dress . I would throw it on and always look put together, with rain boots, converse, or sandals. 

What I learned while making this dress is how to over-fit an easy fitting dress. It tugs in all of the wrong places. Look at these ladies on the pattern and their laid-back-ready-for-brunch-or-dinner-or-coffee-dress with plenty of room for movement. Ugh. 

Mccall's 8337
My dress doesn't look that bad. I mean, I'm still going to wear it, but it won't be that comfortable easy going dress I wanted. I learned a lot while making this dress in the muslin stage:
-you can relocate  the zipper to a different spot for easier pinning. i.e. get a better idea of the actual fit around the back (all of which I did not do only realized this trick AFTERWARD)
I redid the back darts countless times to remove my extreme hunchback. The last dart I sewed I decided it was good enough. 
-don't be lazy- do both sleeves in the muslin. 

I omitted a few things from the pattern itself as well, like the extremely long sleeves and bodice. The color blocking looked cool, but I wanted this thing to be short and with tiny sleeves. 

Just look at the tugging across the back and the sagging at the waist, and the weird placement of the darts. The dress doesn't lay flat around the neck either, only if I pull it down.  I like how the dress looks belted, which is probably how I'll wear it. The chambray clings to the tights, especially around the high waist --you know, where Target tights are supposed to  sit. It's basically the Scout t-shirt, but ill fitted plus a zipper. Should've made the shift dress with the Scout pattern instead. See, we're all learning here.
Mccall's 8337Mccall's 8337

I might try to do another muslin fitting, but with so many patterns I want to sew,  refitting this one is not on my priority list right now. I'm afraid if I just throw in the towel and get another shift pattern like the Laurel, I'll stumble into the same pattern fitting issues. Maybe?

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the 60 degree weather this week and some pattern tracing. Spring is almost here, guys!

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