Plantain, The Henley Refashion

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Here's the thing I love about simple patterns like the Plantain, it doesn't take a bunch of fabric and when the fit is perfect you can use it for things like a t-shirt refashion.

 I purchased this guy a year ago from GoodWill. An American Apparel men's large shirt. I planned on taking it in a little and giving it to the boyfriend, but god, I'm such a sucker for stripes. I have so much stripped fabric hanging in my closet. As you can guess, the shirt was huge on me, but I loved the fabric and the henley style. This is why refashioning is the shit. You can keep the things you like about the clothing and not worry about any complicated sewing cuz it's already done for you!

I might hem it later. As it is now it's more of a tunic length, which I'll never wear out in public, but I will wear around the house with sweats. I'll be honest, I've been wearing this top as jammies for the last four days and this morning decided 'hey, there's no food stains on this b, I can totally take pics of it now!'

That's right folks, I'm in my pajamas. But they're totally cute.  I'm about to up the cuteness and throw in a newfie with me. This guy photo bombed my Plantain shoot!

 I sewed this in size 34 and kept as much of the original shirt as possible. Took maybe an episode and a half episode of Gossip Girl. Sometimes I stop and watch mid stitch.

Everyone needs to get on this Plantain train.  Also, when is this awful weather going to stop?!?

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