Plantain Mission Maxi

Monday, January 27, 2014

Plantain Pattern Listen, I'm not going to make excuses about these images. I was messing with my camera's settings and ran out of daylight.  Ugh. These were not the images I wanted to use. I'll tell you what though, I think I'm getting better at the whole trinity combo settings on my dslr. 

Anyway. Here is my version of the Plantain pattern from Deer & Doe. It's free, super easy to put together, and also it's free. I've made it three times already with one more to come. That damn bird fabric must be used! 

This is a grey fabric that I purchased from Girl Charlee that you can find here. It kinda bounces up and down giving the maxi a nice swishy movement when walking. 

Plantain Pattern
I made the smallest size and thank god cuz this fabric is stretchy! It fits perfectly on my shoulders (so important) and skims right over the hips.  And look at that neckline, so flattering. I basically mushed the Mission Maxi pattern bottom with the Plantain top.

And of course I put navy and grey together. I tried a knit with hearts on it for the patches, but let's bet real, it was too cutesy.

I hope can get the next one cranked out sooner than later. Muh dress form is starting to look like she's just draped with a knit blanket. 

Anyone else getting in on the Plantain? 

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