Hemming For Him

Monday, January 20, 2014

This is what I've done this week as far as swing goes. I've hemmed pants for a friend. Wah waaahh. Just serged the bottom, flipped up and blind stitched it. All in return for his drawing knowledge. He's an "artist," also the bar manager (my boss, sort of).

Kris and I went to this little art supply shop today. I couldn't resist buying a few things. Everything was on display in mason jars!  So I walked out with an eraser, a micron pen, and charcoal pencils. I've already had to sharpen a charcoal pencil twice. These things are AMAZING. So much more fun to pay around with. The charcoal is so soft you barely have to push down to draw a line.

I tried this new technique my coworker (Thanks Kate!) told me about. Draw in 30 second sessions and build up to more time. It's great for someone like me who agonizes over the details that they still can't draw yet. Just pick from your pinterest images and GO! This counts as part of my croquis a day challenge. It's a one year challenge. I'm dating all of my drawings so I can see my progress. Watercolor--it's going to happen, but which ones? There are so many options. Do I buy artist or student? Palette or individual? I don't know anything about painting.

I traced out the plantain pattern last weekend. Now I just have to cut out this fabric. It's a super stretchy jersey from Girl Charlee, their last yard of this fabric. Should be an easy top to whip up.  I love the birds on it. Not too many, just enough here and there. I still don't know if I want to put elbow patches on it. Maybe?

Stay warm northern hemisphere!!

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